Chain Link Fences

The might chain link fence remains one of Texas’s most popular fencing choices due to its durability and lack of hassles. In addition, to being a low-maintenance choice for homeowners and business owners alike, chain link fences are easy on the budget.

If you haven’t looked at chain link fencing materials lately, these fences have come a long way since the old galvanized steel fencing materials of yesteryear. Now, vinyl coatings are the norm, making chain link fences available in a variety of colors. In fact, you may be surprised at the fresh new look that a quality, vinyl coated chain link fence can add to your home.

For example, a popular color choice is black chain linking supported by baked-on black enamel posts and fence rails. Green vinyl chain link fences and gloss white vinyl-coated chain link fences are also popular throughout Texas. Vinyl-coated chain link fences are a terrific choice for establishing boundaries, keeping pets and children secure, and keeping others out.

These fences also work well with landscaping plans. Whether used as a contrasting color in the garden or camouflaged with by hedge, these fences can either highlight boundaries or blend into the landscape.

Need to secure a backyard swimming pool? Want a quality boundary for a tennis court? Chain link fences are ideal for securing these areas. Chain link fences are also widely used for creating dog runs where your dog can stretch his legs without running off. With varying heights available, let us help you create a fence that best meets your needs. And because so many gauges and vinyl color coatings are available, these fences are quite attractive, too.

In addition to adding a fence, you’ll likely need a chain link gate as well. Katy Fence Company offers several gate options such as a single walk gate for pedestrians or a double drive gate for your driveway.

If you’re looking for an economical choice for securing and protecting your property, pets, or family, a chain link fence is an excellent option.