Wood Fences

If you’re considering a new fence for your Texas home, consider the numerous advantages of wood fences. We specialize in fence design using a variety of fencing materials with each type of material having its own unique characteristics. Wood fences are a natural choice for those who prefer the beauty of wood.wood fence

Wood fences are exceptionally versatile fences with numerous options available including lumber choices, finishing options, cutouts, trim, decorative shapes, hardware, and height. With so many options available, you can create a unique, custom wood fence for your home.

If your home is in a woodsy area, a wooden fence is a lovely choice. Shrubs, fountains, and other landscaping elements look beautiful against the backdrop of a quality wood fence.

In addition, wood fences are an economical choice. Just because you didn’t spend a fortune on your fence, doesn’t mean that your fence has to look low budget. Let us help you strategically design a wooden fence that enhances your home while also providing you with the security, privacy, and boundaries that you need.

wood fenceKaty Fence Company offers a variety of wood fencing materials for every budget and every taste. For example, if you want a durable, low-maintenance wood fence, pressure treated lumber is an excellent choice. Cedar fencing has become even more popular with the improvement of wood stains in recent years.

We recommend a variety of high-quality stain and siding products including Sikkens brand products. These stains are long-lasting, UV-retardant stains that look good from day one. Years down the road, simply add another coat and restore the rich, deep finish.

Installing a quality-built wood fence to your home enhances and defines your backyard space while also adding privacy and security. Let our fence design experts help you select the most appropriate wood fencing materials, hardware, embellishments, and stains for your personal taste and budget.

We’ve been building fences throughout Katy and surrounding communities in Houston, Texas for many years. Let us put our design skills and expertise to work for you! Give us a call or fill out our Katy Fence Inquiry form for a free estimate.